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Posted by UNKNOWN 30 Sept 2009 - 8:42:00 AM

The world of plants and gardening doesn't need to be the exclusive domain of adults. Kids can equally enjoy the satisfaction of growing and using edibles.
Plant This recently received the following note from Lochie and Charlie (Aged 8 and 11) from the central west of NSW.
We'd like you to share your kids gardening stories also.

Lochie and Charlie: In our garden we have a lot of plants such as silver beet, spinach, tomatoes and potatoes.

Just recently we had an olive picking excursion to a local farm. Then we sent it off to Wagga to get them crushed. We poured it into glasses and then labeled them. We then sold them at the Farmers market at Young.

In the kitchen we cook a three course meal every Friday. (Unless something else happens). We go into groups and then cook a meal. We usually cook with our fruit and veggies but if we don't have a certain fruit or veggie we borrow it from some one else's garden.

This is our favorite class. It's lots of fun and our food is great.

By Lochie and Charlie

Comments (3)

Re: LBDM 3 Nov 2009 - 2:01:00 PM

Great to hear stories of kids enjoying the outdoors and learning about where food comes from.
Gardening can appeal to all ages.
Look forward to more tales from the school garden in the Central West.

Re: NORM 14 Nov 2009 - 7:29:00 AM

Have you seen Stephanie Alexander's book on kids gardening and cooking?
Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids
Sounds like these two young chaps would love this.....

Re: LUCYLIL 12 Jul 2010 - 7:53:00 PM

a terriffic form of gardening for kids is a herb garden. I have small grandchildren and the herb garden is just the right size for their small hands.

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