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pond and mozzies

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Posted by SEEDY 29 Mar 2010 - 8:07:00 PM

I'd like to put it a pond but am hesitant because of the mozzies it would breed. Unless there is a way to keep them out of the water? I would like to attract frogs and other creatures and would have water plants in it as well.
Any suggestions?

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Re: DADDYOH 4 Apr 2010 - 11:33:00 PM

hi, its my understanding that by introducing fish into the pond (carniverous/omniverous preferably Native - see your local quality petstore) you will be free of mozzies as the fish eat the wrigglers (larvae). This would not deter the airborne mozzies though as they WOULD be attracted by the wayersource. Also having a pump creating a ripple effect on the water surface makes it harder for the mozzies to land on the water, Good luck

Re: Re: SEEDY 12 Apr 2010 - 6:39:00 PM

Thanks for that I will I think I'll try the little fish first.

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