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toilet roll seedling pots

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Posted by SILENTSHOPPER 7 Sept 2010 - 7:05:00 PM

I came across a great idea in a gardening book the other day ( I am yet to try it) where you collect up your toilet rolls, enough to fill a foam fish or vegetable box. You then soak the rolls in a mixture of aquadhere glue (which is completely safe) and water, hang them on the line to dry. Then put them back in the foam box and plant your seeds in them. The aquadhere glue is suppose to make the rolls last a bit longer. The whole thing then can be put in the garden with the seedling in it.

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Re: COURT88 14 Sept 2010 - 5:21:00 PM

We use these but don't worry about the glue and they still work well. I also use them shoved into my worm farm and plant a seed in each then take them out to plant whole. Its the easiest way we have had of using the worm casts and because the bottom layer moves to the top for this all the worms move down. I have grown the corn with this very successfully. the other thing I do is put them in the actuall garden when planting seeds and then mulch up to them like a sleeve.

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