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Posted by SANDRAM 26 Sept 2011 - 3:54:00 PM

I just discovered your website and love it. I thought that I would try and keep track of the existing plants and new plants in my garden in the "your profile" section. Unfortunately some of the plants that I have searched for are not in the database. Is there anyway that we can request plants (with all the lovely descriptions) to be added to the database?


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Re: EDITOR 27 Sept 2011 - 9:51:00 AM

Welcome. You've hit on a good idea straight off.
No better place than here to request new plants. New ones are always being added. Some of yours might be on stand-by but just reply telling us what they are and we'd be happy to give them some priority.

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mediterranean style
Many of the plants used are adapted to the dry conditions with reflective silver-grey foliage and fine, furry or prickly leaves that conserve water.


Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is ideally suited as a lawn in many applications.

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