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grevillea 'sap' problem

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Posted by GEOLIZ 21 Apr 2011 - 1:48:00 PM

I have a row of red grevillea olivacae, one of which has a problem. I noticed one side dying and cut it away to reveal a dark coloured sap like substance at the base (my husband calls it jelly). Does anyone know what it might be.

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Re: EDITOR 25 Apr 2011 - 12:26:00 PM

The jelly is most likely to be or have been sap, coagulating and possibly even being colonised and transformed by organisms.
It's harder to say with near as much confidence why it was there but it's a symptom in response to some sort of damage: from mechanical injury to baterical infection. Were there any other clues as to what might have started the decline?

Re: Re: GEOLIZ 28 Apr 2011 - 8:46:00 PM

I prune them fairly regularly as I am forming a hedge effect. I did loose one completely about 2 months ago and thought my husband may have sprayed it accidentally. But perhaps now, that wasn't so.

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