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Posted by JOYLOU 1 Mar 2012 - 3:09:00 PM

I am trying to find a plant with the name "Brian" in them for a friend of mine who's teenage son recently passed into God's care.
So far I have come up with
Camellia "Brian"
Camellia "Brian Bohru"
Escallonia "Gold Brian"
Unfortunately I have as yet been unable to find any of these plants in available Australia.
If anyone has or knows where I could get any of the above plants or any other plant with the name Brian in it I would really appreciate your feedback.
Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: EVIE01 7 Mar 2012 - 11:14:00 AM

The Escallonia is the one you most likely to find Lou. It's never produced in commercial quantities but it does sometimes turn up in little 10cm pots on the mixed shrubs and perennials shelves of local nurseries. Your local might be able to get it. But it also seems to be on offer at the moment at

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