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buku vine (faradaya splendida) - in brisbane ?

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Posted by COSMOS 7 Apr 2011 - 12:14:00 PM

I am looking for a vine (or series of vines) to cover a north facing arbour 18m long by 2m wide. It will be the central feature of our back garden. It will have sturdy 400 x 400 concrete filled piers with the top part of the structure to be determined by the type of vine chosen. Ideally the vine will provide dense shade in the arbour, have attractive glossy green leaves, not require too much maintenance or have roots that could rupture the raised garden beds. A native is preferred, flowers would be nice but considered a bonus. Does the buku vine tick the boxes and if so, can it be seen growing in Brisbane ?

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Re: EDITOR 7 Apr 2011 - 7:56:00 PM

Everything pretty much ticked by Faradaya. The various Pandorea probably have glossier leaves. Tecomanthe hillii and Tristellateia australasiae are others to consider.

Re: COSMOS 7 Apr 2011 - 10:41:00 PM

Dear Editor
Thank you for your comments. Does Tristellateia australasiae go by former name ? I can't find it in my books.

Re: Re: EDITOR 14 Apr 2011 - 9:56:00 AM

I can't find another botanical name. It's probably more a matter of it being a plant that's only been 'discovered' by the horticultural industry more recently and not much yet really.

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