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turkeys destroying my garden

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Posted by TERESAMC 12 Sept 2010 - 6:40:00 PM

Is there any product out there that deters turkeys from digging up my garden. I don't want to kill them ( as not allowed ) but as fast as I plant and mulch they dig it up.

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Re: EDITOR 14 Sept 2010 - 12:47:00 PM

Could be worse it seems like you don't have a male building its tall nest of compost on your property. These birds like moist, shady conditions and need 90 percent shade to regulate the temperature of a nest. Too much tree canopy attracts males to take up residence while thinning the canopy seems to encourage them to move elsewhere.

It sounds more like you've got local birds moving through your place foraging for food or nesting material. In what seems to be an already well-established garden, it might be worth localising and tailoring your efforts to vulnerable areas as appropriate. Obstruct access to organic mulch with chicken wire. Use inorganic mulch that wont appeal as nesting material. Place heavy rocks or tree protectors around new plantings. Of course don't feed the birds and lobby the neighbours to do likewise.

Any deterrents will always be temporary and need to be re-applied after rain. But here's a recipe to deter bush turkeys from

20 chilies, 1l water, 1tspn liquid soap
Blend chilies and small amount of water in a food processor
Pour this mix through a strainer to remove solids
Add the strained mix to the remaining water
Add liquid soap and mix thoroughly
Spray or water the area around plants
Wear plastic gloves when making recipe and avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas.

Re: BOBKAT 21 Oct 2010 - 12:10:00 PM

I've had success with spraying one repetitive visitor with the hose on shower mode - a friend in Wires assured me it wouldn't hurt him and he really didn't like it. Now if I'm in the vegie patch (where is where I really really don't want him) all I need do is turn it on and spray a little in front of me, and he scurries off. Mostly to the neighbours, so I guess we can't all do it.... Thought all the editor's suggestions good ones, and perhaps this is another one to try if you happen to be round to see him. Good luck

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