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ptilotus exaltatus | mulla mulla

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Posted by EDITOR 18 Mar 2011 - 11:25:00 AM

High water use is usually the rule with bedding annuals. Quick growth and a knockout display produced with a lot of food and water. A plant like Pink Mulla Mulla or Pussy Tails from arid central Australian areas can turn that around.

While extra watering and feeding during our hot summers will always improve a show of annuals, this furry little native is a less demanding alternative to many traditional bedding plants.

In fact the greater risk with Mulla Mulla is that it might get too much water. It's actually a perennial but its life can be cut short in climates with summer humidity and rain where the answer is to enjoy the amazing and long season of flowers and then just dispose of them like an annual once it's over.

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