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fern leaf orchid cactus

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Posted by EDITOR 14 May 2010 - 11:15:00 AM

Over the years, I've seen a neighbour transform the concrete jungle around the fairly stark block of red-brick flats in which he lives into well a jungle. Full of foliage plants like dracaenas, peace lilies, umbrella trees and small palms dripping with Spanish Moss and trailing pelargoniums and not missing the edibles: lemongrass, chilli and large curry leaf and calamondin specimens.
I've often admired the deeply carved stems of his fern leaf orchid cactus (Selenicereus chrysocardium) threading their way up and through the competition. But then on an early walk this morning, there they were: the last few open flowers of this night-blooming beauty hanging into the footpath. Each bloom lasts only one night and most had closed and turned limp.
Not as sweetly scented as I'd imagined. In fact, pretty earthy smelling. But an unexpected inner-city treat.

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